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When Chess4Life decided to develop our own web platform, after interviewing a dozen possible companies/individuals to handle the development, we settled on Jeff and for the whole time of our project I was very satisfied with his delivery. Good communication - accurate estimates on pieces of the project - underpromised and overperformed. He doesn't just do what is requested but takes the time to understand the business need and by doing so if often able to recommend additional improvements. When you bring Jeff onto your team you get more than a programmer - you get a person who can help craft solutions to your business needs! I highly recommend Jeff Meier. - Elliott Neff
Jeff is one of the best Web Developers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He really understands SEO/SEM and his mastery of database information is unparalleled. He is extremely knowledgeable about his craft, but much more than that, he understands business. He offers strategic assistance with his recommendations. He has always given us fast, accurate, and timely information. He is willing to come to the table with ideas and suggestions as well. Jeff treats us as if we are his only client, yet I know that he serves all of his clients the way he serves us. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jeff. I highly recommend him and his team to any business that values fast, courteous, and accurate services from their Web Developer. I’m a huge fan and admirer of Jeff’s. He has earned that respect with each and every interaction that I have had with him. - Steve Farmiloe
Jeff has been fantastic to work with. His skills and expertise in web development are by far the best I've worked with in my professional career. If you're looking for someone to manage and maintain your site I would look no further. - Dani Smith
Jeff is a master web developer and has been a cornerstone of the team. Whenever I needed something done, Jeff would complete the task ahead of schedule. He was also a big help by collaborating on website design and marketing initiatives that I was launching. I highly recommend Jeff as a webmaster and web developer. - Kelly Marsh
Jeff is one of the most professional, proficient, co-workers I have ever known. He is fun and pleasant to work with while being quick to do whatever it takes to complete the job request. He constantly amazed me with his talents and personality. I would hire him with great confidence due to his ability, experience, flexibility and personality. If you would like to have a conversation for more details, please feel free to call me at [redacted]. - JoAnne Kazemi
I've had the unique pleasure of working with Jeff while consulting with [redacted]. He is by far one of the most talented developers I have collaborated on projects with. His character and integrity is worth more than it's weight in gold and definitely he is someone you can not only rely on but trust on a personal level.

What I enjoyed most in working with Jeff was that no matter how tough the circumstances were in difficult scenarios on the project, he always managed to tackle them with ease. I also appreciated his ability to critically think through problems providing the right solutions in timely manners.

I would absolutely recommend Jeff to any person looking to hire a talented developer! - Tony Bianco
Jeff is a true servant leader. Few customers will ever meet him yet all will feel the difference he makes. - Scott Pullan
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